Dominique Morgan

Monday, February 2, 2015

NEW CLASS STARTING SOON: Pleiadian Lightwork Meditation Class

Deep in the heart of our own cells, a profound transition is taking place. Light particles from the photon belt have been activating particular light codes that are held within the 'genetics' of form. Our world is awakening on all levels. Just as shafts of light illuminate make their way into a darkened room, our bodies and the higher octaves of our energy systems; the planets and all life forms therein, unfold in timely unison. The consciousness of unity and higher heart reality inform us of a truer reflection of spirit through form. At present, great confusion and fear is bringing forth an astral fog that is impeding our perception of and partnership within the natural order of this unfoldment. If we can understand better the process of these changes, then we can assist ourselves in building 'light bodies' to harness the wisdom and love of our multidimensional selves.

The Pleiadian Lightwork Meditation Class begins this February on Monday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. It will illuminate your own pathway with the expectation of positive evolution. The duration is from 14 to 20 weeks depending on how far students want to take their new found skills. The cost is $37.00 per week and you pay as you go.

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Enquiries +61 3 9836 0417

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