Dominique Morgan

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spiritual Development Workshops

Workshops explore specific metaphysical topics on either week nights or one day of the weekend.

Both groups and individuals are facilitated.

Previous workshops include:

1. 'The Infinity Spread' - with the Victorian Tarot Guild

2. 'Psychic Protection'- specifically designed for Healers (Alternative Healers and Traditional Healers)

3. 'Esoteric Book Club'- for past and present students.

4. 'Universal Healing Practices'- for students with family and friends.

5. 'Summer School' - Vibrational Energetics with the Victorian Tarot Guild.

6. 'Depression: What's the alternative?' - General Public

7. 'How to Clear Negative Spaces including: ghosts, entities, vortexes' - Clients and Students

If you have a topic that you would like Dominique to come and give a workshop on, or a group you would like for her to work with please do get in touch! All inquiries welcome. 

Dominique often travels so workshops are based in Melbourne and Byron Bay Australia. 

For further information on duration, cost and time please contact : 
Dominique - 03.9836.0417 (Melbourne, Australia) 

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